Mixing Up My Mythos…

I’m rapidly approaching the end of Order of Britain: Stone of Madness and of course, this means I have to turn my attention to the next book – and it’s another one that I’m looking forward to writing, because it not only starts the final run towards the crossover story (Which, at the rate I’m going I’ll be writing six months in advance) but also because I’m planning on dipping my toes into the Cthulhu mythos as inspiration.

Unlike a lot of people who write in my genre, I didn’t really get into Lovecraft stories until I was into my twenties, so they didn’t really play a formative part in my early writing: I was more focused on epic/high fantasy. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that, because candour compels me to admit that I wasn’t very good at it..

I’m drawing largely on “A Shadow over Innsmouth,” which is one of my favourite Lovecraft tales. The isolated village concept goes back a  long way, and has roots in lots of different channels of writing, but Shadow is one I always come back to. The basic plan – without revealing too much detail – is to set Jim and his family against a group of Deep Ones who have taken up residence in the Bayou near New Orleans.

So… A werewolf gunslinger vs ancient gods/aliens in the Bayou. I think I can run with that concept.


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