20k in 19 days…

It’s not until I look at that number that I realise just how – relatively – prolific I’ve been since I started writing in this manner. Once upon a time, in the halcyon days of six months ago, my target was 300 words a day, and this month I’ve averaged over a thousand per day, even with a day off and a day of horrendous illness.

I’ve got to admit, a bit of the time it’s all starting to blend into one long stream of writing, especially since I’ve literally gone from one book to the next so as not to lose momentum.

But yes, I’ve just gone over my minimum word target for the next Order of Britain book, which is scheduled for release in December. I was running through my plans last night and I’m starting to become increasingly glad that I’ve built up this buffer. I’ve outlined the last few books for what I am somewhat pompously referring to as “phase one” over the last couple of days, which means that I’m nearly ready to start planning the crossover books – which I’ve nearly settled on a title for.

I’ve not rally hidden the fact that I’m brutally ripping off the marvel cinematic universe in my planning: Series of single stories in both series, followed by crossover. I don’t know if it’s going to be financially successful for me, but my god is it good fun.

And of course, tomorrow, High Moon Rising: The Serpent’s Fangs launches on kindle! Woooo!


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