A few edges and a bit of sky.

As you can probably imagine from my posts last night,  I’m a little bit sleep deprived today – and whilst a nap earlier certainly helped, I have flagged before reaching my 1000 word target!

Not to worry. The latest story is nearly done, and I’ll be back up to a three book cushion before the end of the weekend (he says with a confidence he doesn’t entirely feel.)

The proverbial jigsaw is starting to come together in terms of phase one. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really plan my books down to the minutia – I started off writing fanfiction, so a seat-of-the-pants method has always been something I’ve preferred. Whenever I’ve written really extensive plans, I’ve always ended up chucking them out the window before long. Literally, in some cases.

But the nature of what I’m trying to put together has meant that I’ve had to at least have some idea of where everything is going. I’ve got three more full books to writer before starting on the crossover, and whilst they’re all outlined, I’ve got to remember to get the little points into the story that push the overall arc into place. At the moment, I’m really looking forward to planning the crossover, because the idea is to use the buffer I’m building to buy time to write it as two  approximately 50k parts.

Hopefully, I’ll have enough time afterwards to rebuild my buffer for phase two, but  as I’ve mentioned planning isn’t my strong point.


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