A touch of gentle disquiet.

So, for the last few days, I have been feeling a bit… off. I started to worry that it was Herman nibbling away at my brain matter again and killing my self confidence, but generally I’ve been feeling okay. Sure, I was getting a bit stressed out at work, but theres nothing new about that – that’s just Mondays!

Today, though, was the first day of my most-of-a-week off. And generally, it’s been a good day! I got a fairly large amount of exposure from the guys over at Awesomegang.com, where I treated myself to buying a $10 dollar slot for featured book. You can check that out here – and I’d certainly recommend it as a promotional tool. I haven’t seen many sales off it, but I’ve seen the spread of tweets and social media exposure, and hopefully I’ll see some effect down the line. AG.com also does an interview with writers who promote with them, so as soon as that rocks up I’ll like to that as well!

That aside, the feeling of disquiet has persisted with me all day, and now, at nearly 9pm, I’ve finally figured out what was bugging me.

I really, really didn’t like the ending I’d come up with for Order of Britain: Stone of Madness. I’d tried different things – I’d thrown in zombies for just a random enemy that the main trio quickly wiped out, and the big baddie, a giant Shadow-Dragon, was about to make it’s appearance.

And it didn’t work. It was – and I’m shocked to say it, given my writing predilections – too action based. There have been a couple of action set pieces in the book thus far, but they all made more sense in the context of the story. A huge dragon type monster and some zombies? It wasn’t just senseless, it was bloody lazy.

So I’ve shitcanned it.  And I feel much better for it. The downside being that now I have to go back and figure out what I’m going to do instead. I’ve got the nucleus of  an idea, but it needs a bit of fleshing out, and after having deleted a chunk of book, I’m trying to build myself up to re-doing it.

On another note, I’ve scheduled a free book special for the next few days – High Moon Rising: Hungry Mountains will be free from tomorrow until Monday – more on that tomorrow!


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