Lazing on a Sunday afternoon.

So, my latest free promo is about to come to an end, and given that I did minimal promotion for it, it doesn’t seem to have gone too badly. As it stands, I’m edging about fifty downloads of High moon rising – Hungry Mountains, and I’ve also had a couple of buys and a boost in page reads. It’s not too bad.

Today has been a busy day, not of writing, but of editing. I spent a big portion of it going through the print edition of Volume One with a fine toothed comb – and a highlighter – to weed out the niggling little errors that remained. Thankfully, there were less than I thought,  so the book text will be going up for preorder within the next couple of days. I don’t really put preorders up with the expectation of buys; I tend to use them as placeholders so that I don’t end up having to make a mad rush of release day. Being able to set it all up in advance is a huge weight off my mind. This is especially true for October, as I’m actually going to be away from home on the release dates for both Volume One and Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment.

Tomorrow, however, I start work on High Moon Rising – Deep Dweller Boogie, and I’m looking forward to the change of pace. It’ll be fun to get back to Jim Ashwood after the Order’s somewhat darker adventures in London. Sometimes you just need to write a character who solves things by shooting people and biting their heads off.


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