The Saga of the book…

And Lo, Ben did stare at the screen, and heavy was his heart in the face of the leaden skies. Woe, said he, Woe, Woe he did cry, until Bex did call downstairs that she was trying to sleep and to stop woeing everywhere.

For Ben had made a fundamental error of not checking the sodding dates on his profile, and had instead selected to immediately publish the paperback version of High Moon Rising: Volume One, and thus has to rush around like a blue-arsed fly getting the kindle version into gear so that the files can match up on createspace.

And Lo, the publication date was set for Friday, despite the fact that the paperback is, in fact, currently available.

And Thus did Ben rail at the sky, and curse all the gods in heaven above, and the demons below, and then calmed down and went and had a cup of tea.

The End.


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