For sale, one writer, some wear and tear.

Well I’m just over 2000 words into the next High Moon Rising story, Deep Dweller Boogie, and annoyingly an old twinge in my right neck/shoulder muscle has flared up. This isn’t necessarily the a game killer, but it does mean that I can’t really comfortably sit at a computer. Thankfully, the wonders of cloud computing means that I can at least get a little bit of work done on the story.

It’s a slow start. For some reason, I’m struggling with the opening sections of the story.  I suspect that what I’ve done to myself is take on two much over the past few weeks – I’ve still got a three book buffer on the go, and if I get this story sorted before the 30th I’ll maintain that and briefly blip up to a four book buffer.

It’s not a major hassle. What I really need to do is sit down, read High Moon Rising: Off the Rails and get a grip on the characters again. In between prepping the omnibus, proofing the paperback proofing and editing Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment and writing Order of Britain: Stone of Madness, I’ve lost track of Jim and his gang a bit. Since I’ve also been guiltily enjoying some books other than my own, In haven’t been reading through my own stories as much.

But now, I’m gonna get back on track in the near future, and crack on with the next few stories. I’ve got a lot of plans going forward, and I need tos tick to my targets if I want to make this thing work.

In other news, I had a pre-order for the kindle copy and a buy of the paperback copy of Volume One, so that made me happy!


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