Taking the slow road…

So, four-thousand words into High Moon Rising: Deep Dweller Boogie, and I’m moving the plot at what can only be described as a slow pace. Not in terms of the writing itself – that’s progressing pretty regularly, but I’m taking some lessons from the Order of Britain books and taking my time developing the plot. I’m introducing yet another magical faction in this book – a group of underground magicians who’ve been living in New Orleans for a long time – and its giving me a new group of toys to play with, as such.

I’ve been using the character of Commander “I-can’t-remember-what-the-hell-his-first-name-is” Parker since the second High Moon Rising story, and he’s been a bit of a difficult character to write at times. I’ve had a bit of trouble balancing him between smug bastard and commanding officer, and given the changes some of the other books have brought, I felt I needed to shake him up a bit.

So I’ve introduced a character called Laterre, and at the risk of playing a slightly dangerous game, I’ve made a point of mentioning that he’s black – and making sure that Parker makes certain assumptions about him on their first face to face meeting. I’ve only just written this scene, but it felt like something clicked into place after I wrote the scene.

So we shall see where that takes us. Theres a long road ahead, but I look forward to walking it!


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