1 down, several to go.

So with a flurry of words, chapter one of Deep dweller boogie is done.  It’s taken a little while for this story to find its feet – whereas Off the rails was a pure action story, this one has a much slower pace. I’ve got five thousand words I’m before Jim has even fired his guns.

I came home in a bit of a mood today.  October has been a bit of difficult month for me for several years now – I always associate it with scattering my dad’s ashes. Given that, I think it’s forgivable that my mood always slumps this time of year.

So, I elected to have a nice chilled evening off and refocus on the writing tomorrow. It occurred to me today that I don’t really have any deadlines to meet and I’ve got a three book buffer,  so I can afford to relax and make sure I keep myself in the right frame of mind. I’ve got a nice holiday to Somerset coming up in a couple of weeks, and I cannot wait!

I’ve used the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle to describe my writing process before, and it still works here. I don’t plan my stories end to end because I always end up changing them anyway, so I tend to start with a two page outline in my notebook and build from that. Occasionally, I  do something with a character or a story that makes a few more pieces click into place, and it all starts to make sense. I’ve had a couple of those moments with Deep dweller boogie, but there’s still a long road yet.


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