Deep in the shadows, an enemy stirs…

Well, things are certainly starting to move right along. The first Order of Britain book is launching a week on Friday, volume one is out, all three of the first arc of High Moon Rising books are on the market and I’m selling… Well, bugger all at the moment. but it’s still early days and you can’t have everything.

It’s weird to think that I’ve only really been doing this for just under three months, and serializing my work is getting me some notice. I’ve seen book downloads across the globe and had people contact me to say they like my work.

It’s these things I need to tell myself when my mood starts to swing, like it is this week. Its been a rough one, and as always, when that hits, my writing starts to suffer. I’m lucky in that I’ve built up a big buffer for my books, because these slowdowns come on occasion. Having hit 10k though, I’m a bit happier. I’m off on Holiday next week, and planning on getting some work done – be that on the main series itself or some bonus content I’m planning for the next Two omnibuses. Omnibi?

Whatever. Moving on and upwards.


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