One long Saturday later, I’m down in Somerset, sitting in a lovely cottage and trying to get some writing done.

This is slightly more difficult than anticipated. We did bring the laptop down with us, but Bex needs it to study and I’m not logged into Google drive yo access my writing on it. Now, I did have an android tablet that I used to do my writing on, with a keyboard case.  Unfortunately, just before we came down, I found that the USB cable had been mysteriously chewed through. I wonder who could have done that?

"No idea."

Yeah, thanks Izzy.

So I’m writing on my phone. Thanks to some really good word processing software, this isn’t as dire as it sounds, but its far less intuitive than using a computer,  and its far more difficult to see the full text.

But, we persevere. I’m off to Glastonbury in the next few days,  and I’ve been getting inspiration,  especially from walking through Goughs cave today!  It makes me glad I’ve for a notebook, because I would have forgotten what I was thinking by the time I got back to the cottage!

Oh, and in preparation for the launch of Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment, High Moon Rising: Volume One is on sale for 99p until Friday! So click below and grab three gunslinging werewolf tales for the price of one!

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