Holidays pt2.

It has mostly been a good few days. I’m still happily esconsed in a cottage in Somerset, and we’ve mostly had really good weather – a few spots of rain, bit mostly dry.

My sister came down to join us on Saturday, and its been really nice to see her, even if she is really overcompetitive at board games! We went back to cheddar gorge yesterday, and rode the open topped bus up to the top and back. It wasn’t quite as busy as Sunday, thankfully – the last thing I expected to see on a Sunday afternoon in rural Somerset was a Lamborghini Countach rolling down the gorge!

We went into Cox’s cave yesterday, and whilst its the smaller of the two caves its also the one I prefer. For lack of a better term, its because its more… Cavey. Goughs cave is stunning, but Cox’s cave is all tight passages and atmosphere. It’s definitely a good place for fantasy story inspiration.

We then went onto Wookey hole and that was a less pleasant experience. In the run up to Halloween, it was filled with tacky decorations, and because they do the tours as a guided tour it was filled with screaming children and whinging teenager. I hate not being able to walk it at my own pace, and the crowds set first Bex and then me off in panic attacks. It was a real pity because I have incredibly fond memories of the place up to this point.

Today, my Mum and sister went to see a friend of my mums, whilst Bex and I stayed home to study and write respectively. I’m still writing on my phone, so I have literally no idea how many words I’ve written! I’ve managed a couple of pages and the plot has moved forward quite nicely, so in starting to enjoy it a bit more. I’m not sure what length it’s going to reach, but we shall see on that score.

Its my first time attempting something with a cthluhu mythos background, and I’m not sure I’d try it again – its a bit of a departure from my usual style. I’ll have to see how this story works out, and give it another look.


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