Getting Mythos all over the place.

Finally, after far too long, I hit the fifteen thousand word mark on High Moon Rising: Deep Dweller Boogie. It’s been a difficult story to write – not in and of itself, but because my mood has been rising and falling like a bloody seismograph for the last few weeks. 15K is my minimum threshold for a High Moon Rising story, and normally I’ve have hit that within three weeks of starting, but its taken me over a month this time. Admittedly, the week spent in Somerset did put the blinkers on it a bit!

It was a mostly good week, but I’m glad to be home and back to writing steadily. I tried to keep up over my holiday, but I just can’t put out the same volume of work on my phone that I can on PC. I’ve got a new keyboard coming for my tablet as well – that I’ll avoid letting a certain Lovebird of my acquaintance chew.

Yes, I mean you, Izzy.

Anyways the plot started to come together a bit more over my holiday as well. I’ve got a fairly big reveal planned for this story that I’ve just dropped in, so theres a bit of plot space left to play with. One of the major problems for my of drawing on the Lovecraft/Cthulhu mythos as an inspiration for this book is that I’m rather less subtle than HP Lovecraft. Admittedly, I’m also noticeably less racist.



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