just sitting here, Deus-ing my Ex Machina.

I will be the first to admit it – I’m not above bending the rules in my books. One of the advantages of writing about the world of Gods, Demons, Monsters and Magic is that some of the more regular rules of the universe don’t necessarily apply.

And given that I have a sinister Cabal called the Court of Thorns plotting against both my groups of heroes, it’s good to know the Girl who Stands At the Centre of Time is on their side.

I#m starting to really enjoy the universe I’m building again – sometime side as for it are a long time coming, but at others ideas and concepts leap almost fully formed into my head. The Girl who Stands at the Centre of time was one of those. She started off as a random character for a short story – this was when I was in the middle of writing Bard of Dreams, a fairly rubbish attempt at an epic fantasy that ended up as four-hundred pages of not a lot. Some of the concepts from it will probably make their way into my current series down the line, but the one thing it definitely taught me was that I’m not particularly good at writing high fantasy.

Anyways, the point is that I’m not above having the Girl turn up to help out as part of her wider strategy in the supernatural war that waging across both series. The way I see it, its only fair – the bad guys are pulling some nasty tricks as well, and none of my characters are squeaky clean hero types.

With two books to go until I start doing the crossover event, I’ve not actually got a massive amount of time to pull all these threads together. but I’m getting there. And just as importantly, I’m back on track.


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