Filling in the blanks.

Ever since Saturday, I can only describe myself as unproductive. I took a deliberate day off yesterday, but last night was fairly sleepless, and my mood took a fairly serious crash. And then, of course Herman the Self Doubt Mouse started nibbling away at my brain. He is a very naughty little mouse, although he says my brain smells like brie this week.

Anyway, the result is that I’ve spent the last couple of hours staring at the screen, and I’ve only managed 100 words. Thankfully,  I’m already past 20k, but it’s a bit bloody irritating when your brain suddenly doesn’t work and you’ve got a sodding book to write. Really, what I need to do is get my head down, so I’m going to use my old school trick of a racing game to relax my mind. I do know myself well enough to know when writing just isn’t going to happen.

in other news, I’ve (finally) set up a mailing list! you can either click on the link on the side panel over there, or alternatively, click this link to keep up with any offers or promotions I’ve got going on:


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