Chugging Along

It feels weird to be writing a blog tonight whilst listening to the news coming in from Paris, but I need to do something – and I’ve still got a few hundred words to write of my current story to write today.

After finally clocking off from Deep Dweller Boogie, I moved very quickly onto the third Order of Britain story, the amusingly named Proper Shucked. So quickly,m in fact, that I didn’t sleep on Wednesday night. For once, my Insomnia wasn’t based in depression, it was based in a wonderful burst of creativity that kept me writing from 2am onwards. Admittedly with a few distractions. However, given that my Novellas are targeted for 20k words plus now, I’m pretty damned happy to already be nearly 4k in. I’m intending to up my output to 1.5k minimum per day, but we’ll see how I stick to that. given the crossover book, The Call of Herne, is intended to be a minimum of 50k, that’ll help me with that as well.

One of the reasons that I have such a low writing rate is that I’m appallingly easy to distract, so I’;m trying to be much more regimented. writing in 500 word bursts seems to work for me, and allows me to take fairly regular coffee-and-ciggy breaks. that being said, I’m intending to quit smoking in the very near future, so they’ll just become coffee breaks!

Anyways. Time to get back to the proverbial grindstone.


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