Thinking forward.

Well, I’m three months and a bit into this whole bookselling thing, and whilst I’m pretty happy with my writing,  generally speaking, I’m less enraptured with the amount of sales I’ve made,  so I’m having to focus a bit more on promotion.

Of course,  next week is one of the big selling days of the year, the annual annoyance of black Friday. So I’m having a bit of a promotional drive on reddit, and I’ve got bought a bKnights promo for Friday morning and I’ve dropped the price of High Moon Rising: Volume One to $1.99 for the near future.  I’m hoping that I’ve just not hit the right audience yet – its one of the reasons I’ve gone wide and put my books onto further markets, but hopefully I’ll be able to start getting more sales soon.

Like a lot of people,  I say I’m not into writing for the money,  but that’s not entirely true.  The ambition is always to be in a position to do this full time and make a living off it,  so its always going to be a long journey.

All I can do is keep trying different things and seeing if I can build the work up. The people who’ve read and reviewed the books seem to like them, so that’s pretty encouraging but, as I’m sure you can imagine,  it gets pretty worrying when you don’t see sales movement.

I’m just getting twitchy. I’ll be okay.


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