Countdown to Off The Rails

Well, Friday is going to be pretty busy for me. Not only am I going to be back in work, but I’ve got a Promo going out and a new Novella going up.

I’m pretty happy at the moment, especially as I’ve had a good few days in sales. Six sales in four days isn’t massive numbers compared to some authors, but for me, its a big deal. I can only hope it continues!

Writing on Proper Shucked continues at a decent pace. I’ve breached the 10k Barrier, so I’m over halfway through in the space of just over a week! That’s some kind of new record for me.

It’s weird, but now that the end of season one of High Moon Rising/Order of Britain is in sight, I find myself looking forward to taking a break from the gang and letting my brain recuperate a bit. I’ve got approximately one and a half stories to write before the crossover book, and the way my schedule is looking that will put me in a good place until around mid June. at That point, I think a wee break will be order, and I’ve had an idea percolating in the back of my mind ever since I had a dream about it. I don’t want to say too much about it now, because I’m still working on a lot of the finer details, but the ideas got me pretty excited. On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of work to get out of the way first, so I’ll come back to that In due time!

In the meantime, have a little sample of High Moon Rising: Off the Rails to tide you over!


Ain’t these your folks?” Jim asked curiously.

No. Vampires all have different bloodlines – like family lines, but more… complicated. My bloodline has an affinity with magic, for example.”

Just how old are you, Suarez?”

Two hundred and sixty seven in July.”

Jim raised en eyebrow.

You’ve aged well at least.”

I take good care of myself.”

The vampire was poking around the back of the table, his eyes sweeping over the floor.

There’s a grate here. Looks like it’s feeding down into the basement. Is that where they’re keeping the Archon?”

Jim nodded, and stepped behind the bar. He ran his hand along the underside of the counter until his found the locking switch. He pulled it, and was rewarded with a hefty click from the hatch on the floor. He knelt, and lifted the cover.

His nose wrinkled as the rank air wafted upwards. The stench of death floated up from the hatch, a sweet yet stale scent that turned his stomach. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he saw a ladder leading downwards. He stepped forward and dropped down to the concrete floor. He stepped aside, and allowed Suarez to drop down.

The sheriff picked up a lantern from the floor. Popping a match into life with his thumb, he lit it, allowing dull orange light to spill across the basement.

A seven foot tall casket lay on the floor, it’s lid sealed tightly shut with silver bands. The two men shared a look, and walked over to the coffin, their weapons held ready. Suarez knelt by the casket, and laid his hand on the wooden surface.

It in there.”

The vampire nodded, and stepped back. He glanced up at the ceiling, and frowned.

They’re gonna have to come in through the top.”

Yeah. But for now, let’s get outta here. This place is starting to turn my stomach.”


They climbed back out into the light, and Jim inspected the row of bottled behind bar.

Damn, this guy bought good whiskey. Damned shame I blew his head off.”

Really?” Suarez said in surprise.


The vampire laughed, and squinted out at the sky.

Going to rain soon. We’d better go let Parker know what’s going on.”

I’ve been meanin’ to ask. Ain’t you meant to, y’know, burst into flames in the sun.”

That’s racist.”

Don’t be an asshole.”

Suarez grinned at him.

It’s another bloodline thing. I keep myself fed, I can manage in sunlight.”

Lemme guess, the agency feeds you.”

Of course. Price of service.”

Well, we all got those, I guess.”


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