Switching poles.

The two different sets of characters for High Moon Rising and Order of Britain do, on occasion, cause me difficulty, and the biggest of those difficulties is tone.

When I started introducing the wider world of the two series, I decided quite early on that the two series had to feel different from each other. High Moon Rising, for example has a lot more action and gunplay, since Jim Ashwood has the remarkable tendency to solve problems with his revolvers rather than with his brain – largely because he spends his time dealing with creatures, rather than spells. Callum on the other hand, deals a lot more with overt magic, a much more subtle group of enemies that act in the background rather than coming out guns blazing – or in Callum’s case, sword swinging.

I’ve also had to use a different style of dialogue between the characters – Jim is very much an Alpha in his wolfpack, and that translates into his dealings with Parker, Baines an all the other characters. He’s largely a super-powered being among people who are, for lack of a better term, ‘Normal.’ This leads to him issuing commands, and others obeying out of hand.

Callum, Elizabeth and Nathaniel, on the other hand, are a meeting of approximate equals, all bringing different levels of power and ability to the party. Elizabeth is a sharpshooter, Nathaniel is more focused on magic itself, and Callum is a front line fighter, using spells as a last resort. Due to that, their interactions are a lot more… is bantery a word? Sod it, it is now.

Anyways, It’s a bit of a trial to switch back and forth of them at times. since I’m writing the stories in sequence, I’m going alternately between them, and the different methods take a while to get into. Thankfully at 12k works into Proper Shucked, I’ve settled back into this method. It’s a pity I’ll be changing back to the other one in eight thousand words or so!


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