The Brain, it does not work.

Sp yeah. I’ve sat down at the computer, with every intention of getting some serious – well, fun and serious – writing done, and my brain has just gone “Nope.” It’s not so much writers block as a complete absence of anything to write in the first place. I’m currently taking a very short break from writing  Proper Shucked in order to write a short Christmas story, since I’ve got the leeway to  go and play – so to speak – due to the fact I’ve still got two – nearly three –  books in the buffer.

So yeah, I decided to go and do something else for a bit, and I’m just not feeling it this evening. I’m writing alongside this blog, but I’m not gaining the usual momentum I do. Which is weird since last night I rattled off 2000 words without stopping! I know you can’t win them all, but today I’m struggling to get to 500 words. I think I’m going to try and hit that total, then play rFactor for a bit to relax. It’s been a bit odd to be back in work this week after my mental state went “Bloomph” the other month, but hey, we do what we can.

Anyways, check back tomorrow for a cool announcement!


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