Sometimes being cheeky works out…

It’s time for a story, fellow authors!

I live in Liverpool, home of two football clubs, and I live smack bang in between the two of them. a little while back, a bakery opened up down the road – and not just any bakery. Homebaked is a community owned, kickstarted bakery, on the site of an old family bakery that closed down donkeys years ago. It’s sat right opposite the legendary Kop End stand of Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium. I like their bread.

Anyways, living up the road, today I decided to get a bit cheeky, and I tweeted their account

Hey @HomebakedA, any chance of a retweet for an Anfield based Author and his silly books?

And, to my eternal gratitude, they did! I was happy with that, but then I got another tweet about three minutes later.


@Bendanarama Would you like to come along to our event on the 12th and promote/sell your book?

And thus my eyes went wide. I responded positively, and tomorrow they’re sending me details to get a stall at the event!

And lo, Ben was chuffed, and reworked his budgets so that he could buy a few paperback copies for a table display, and started putting together a flyer so people could get to the book online!

And thus found out that sometimes taking a gamble, reaching out, and being just a little bit cheeky can sometimes work.



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