Back to reality, whoops there goes gravity.

Oh, and it was all going so well. I got to about 16k words in ‘proper shucked’, had all the momentum behind me…

And then I went back to work. And thus my head disintegrated. Ironically, I want to write more than ever. I sit in work impatiently waiting for 3PM to hit so that I can go and write. One off the things I got whilst I was off sick was the feeling of what or was like till write full time, and that was a damned good feeling.

The universe, however, continues to intrude. I’m more motivated than ever, but I haven’t settled down into the right mental balance yet. Every book sake, though, brings me a step closer,  and those sales are starting to get more consistent.

All I can do is keep pushing myself, keep writing and, eventually, I’ll make it.

I have to believe that.


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