Traction Control…

There are some days, when I look at the flat read line on my KDP dashboard and the row of zeroes on my Smashwords dashboards, that it gets very difficult to keep motivated.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but going from a  very successful couple of weeks to four days without so much of a twitch on my sales doesn’t half make you question what you’re doing. I’m in the between-release gap at the moment, and that blank period is always a little nerve wracking. Currently, my mum is proofreading the next Order of Britain book, and I’m in the middle of writing the third in the series. After that, I’ve got the sixth High Moon Rising book to write, and then we’re onto the “Call of Herne” crossover event.

So, conversely, I get to worry about nothing happening, whilst simultaneously having too much to do. Go me!


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