State of the Union address

Greetings, gunslingers and mages!

Right, so it has been a difficult week, and it has been bloody difficult for one very apparent reason – I’ve given up smoking. My mood has been ricocheting like a pinball, I’ve been increasingly irritable, and generally I’ve been wanting to punch the universe in the face.

It’s amazing how nicotine gum can bring things into temporary focus. I’ve managed to average a thousand words a day, so I’m doing alright on that front.

The big news of the week, of course, is that I’ve been invited to promote High Moon Rising at “The thing on the rec” on Saturday! I’ve lived in Anfield for nearly eight years, and all of my books have been published from a seat right here. I consider Anfield my home – and truth be told, I love the place. They say that some places have character, Anfield IS a character!

So, if you’re based in Liverpool, come along – you might be able to pick up a signed copy of High Moon Rising: Volume One!




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