Yesterday was a good day.

The day dawned grey and rainy,  and heavy were our hearts as we realised the printer had run out of ink.

Lo, did Ben dash to the library in order to photocopy the flyers for his book to give out at the thing on the Rec.

And later on,  I rocked up. It was just after one,  and already the place was buzzing with people setting up stalls and getting things ready – in the case of a few of us,  that involved holding down one of the gazebos while bags of gravel were strapped to the legs to stop the thing blowing away!

After the majority of things were in place,  I set myself up in the marquee, in a little corner where I could chat to people and shill my books. All day long,  people were buzzing by,  and we had some nice chats with folks. A couple of friends of mine,  including Stephen; the guy who did my author photo, were hanging about, and all in all it was pretty awesome.

I’m pretty sure the whole of An field owes a thanks to Pat,  the lady in charge. She may have seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown when I got there, but she looked pretty chuffed with the way things had gone by the time I left.

Homebaked is planning to have another event in spring, and hopefully I’ll get to be there again – I loved every minute of it!


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