*Chestburster boom*

It has been a… Prolific week. So prolific in fact that I haven’t had a chance to blog! The goal is to finish Proper Shucked before Christmas, but despite a current output of 1000-1500 words a day, that may not actually be enough!

I’m inching closer to the end of the story, but it’s gotten increasingly complex and extended as it goes on. The original idea for Proper Shucked was for it to have something like the style of Alien – a group of individuals versus an unstoppable hunting and killing machine, but as it started to evolved, it became clear that would be a disservice to the characters. I’ve never shied away from the fact that the characters of my books have a high level of ability. They are highly competent individuals put into situations that they are trained to handle – having them suddenly unable to handle it would simply have been running against form.

Instead, what I seized on was the opportunity to do some world building. I’ve got the big crossover book, The Call of Herne coming out after Proper Shucked  is released, and rather than trying to fit it all into that – which would have done a very effective job of killing the momentum of the story – I’m instead putting a lot of the building into Proper Shucked instead. It’s led to the wordcount increasing exponentially, but that’s good in a way, because  it makes the whole experience that bit more interesting.

What it has also meant is I’ve had to juggle around my release schedule a bit. Instead of release separately, Order of Britain: Proper Shucked and High Moon Rising: The Wolf Within will be releasing together in February, with the printed volumes of Order of Britain and High Moon Rising releasing some time around then as well. Call of Herne will follow closely on their tales, either in March of more likely April as a print and Ebook release.

Because apparently I don’t make myself busy enough.

I’ll try and blog some more this week but, y’know, it is Christmas.


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