The benefits of low sales numbers…

I love KDP. I really do. And as I’ve mentioned before, Whilst I don’t sell much, there are still some benefits to being in my position, such as:

1: Every single sale feels like a win.

I sell books in ones and twos, but every single one is a little bit of encouragement to write more.

2: Every review means so much.

From goodreads to the Kindle Market, watching people rate my books makes me happy – especially when I receive nice reviews like I did for the first three High Moon Rising books

3: I love watching my pagereads graph.

Kindle Unlimited is both a blessing and a curse. It limits my publication options – and doesn’t give huge dividends – but on the other hand I love seeing that people are reading my stories. I once was able to watch what I believe was one person reading all my books end to end. It made me happy.

4: And Finally…

Occasionally, my sales conspire to make a slightly rude picture.



Good night, and Happy New Year!


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