SO, you’ve found your book has been pirated…

Upon browsing the interwebs on this miserable Monday, I didst come across a site that was hosting an epub of Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment.

I also found ones for High Moon Rising and Stone of Madness

No, I’m not going to link to them. Don’t be silly.

Now, the first thing I’m going to say is that the only place to legitimately buy my stories at the moment is on Amazon. Accept no substitutes.

Secondly, I find myself both amused and a bit irritated by this – mainly because more people have pirated the book than have actually bought the sodding thing. This shouldn’t really surprise me – the last free promo I did, there were 200+ copies of the book downloaded for free with an approximately 5% sell-through. But when you look at the potential for lost revenue you start to think about the temptations of the DRM button on KDP.

But I won’t press it, mainly because I am morally opposed to DRM, but also because it’s pointless. I’ve got friends who can strip DRM from a product in about four seconds flat.

But it is rather annoying.

It’s also amusing that somehow they’ve decided my books are worth pirating. Each to their own I guess


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