Alright soldier, up and at ’em.

Well, that was an… interesting couple of weeks. From highs to lows and back to the middle again, it was a difficult little spell of mental health that really really disrupted my writing.

When I read back over my last few days blog entries, I have to admit, I get a bit irritated with myself. I try not to delve too deeply into that, because its fairly nonconstructive, but from a position of relative objectivity, its easy to hold myself in a little bit of contempt over my mood. Thankfully, I’m blessed with a very understanding Wife who is willing to (mostly) put up with my nonsense.

Enough of such things.

High Moon Rising: Wolves Within is starting to come together – not quite in the way I’d hoped, but the nucleus of a good tale is there. I’ve trudged through the 11k word mark, and I’m starting to get towards the sharper end of the story. The problem is, it’s very much a lore story, where I’m trying to build up the universe as well as tell a tale… and the more I think of my original plans for the ending, the less I think its going to work.

I had the same problem with Order of Britain: Stone of Madness. Originally, there was going to be a titanic battle scene at the end of the story, but once I’d actually written it, I realised  it took away from the tale I was trying to tell. I’m much happier with where it ended.

Anyways, some other cool news that I have at the moment – High Moon Rising: Volume One is set to become an audiobook! It’s currently in production, with an amazing narrator called Tim Halligan – an actor who’s been in Shows like Mad Men, Lost and plenty of others.

I’ve been listening to the samples he’s done already, and they’re awesome. I’ll keep you updated!


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