Back on the freakin’ wagon!

As you may have seen last week, I’ve been struggling a bit with writing recently. Thankfully, after doing some writing exercises over the weekend to get my brain working, I am back on track!

as you may have spotted, my daily target is 1500 words, and today, for the first time in a few weeks, I managed that target. This makes for a happy Ben. And a happy Ben makes for less bodies being found. Generally.

My books are… still not selling, but that’s okay. It’s the middle of January and no-one ha has any money. Hell, at the moment I couldn’t afford to buy them myself, so I can’t really can’t comment!

I don’t really have much else to add, so I’m going to leave you with a sample from this months upcoming story – High Moon Rising: Deep Dweller Boogie!




Jim Ashwood was irritated. Commander Parker of X-Division knew it, The old shaman Broad Hand knew it, his young deputy Timothy Elliot knew. And god only knows his wife knew it.

Jim sat glowering at Parker as they lounged in the saloon, his eyes flat and unfriendly.

A vacation?”

A working vacation. I thought you could do with some time away.”

We’ve all been worried about you, Jim.” Broad Hand said. “Ever since Baines died, you’ve been working alone more often. You’re pulling away from your friends and family.”

Jim glowered at his wife. Cara met his gaze with a cool look.

Are you in on this?”

You’re damned right I am, Jim. You’ve been standoffish, rude, and a god-damned annoyance for the last few months, and I’m sick of it. You need rest or you’re gonna turn into something you hate.”

She brushed her auburn hair back from her sharp face. Jim, despite his mood, reflected that he found her even prettier when she was angry.

You’re startin’ to act like the old Sheriff, Jim. You’re startin’ to be more of a wolf than a man.”

Jim sat silently, his face a mask, but they all saw the flicker of panic in his eyes. There were few things the gunslinger feared, but losing his hold on his humanity was one of them. HE sat back in his chair, and took a sip of his drink.

We can talk about that later, darlin’. For now, Parker, what is it you’re after from me.”

Cara sat down, a slight smile on her face. Her husband would never admit it, but she’d won.

Commander Parker smiled, the expression odd on his thin face.

Well, I know I said a vacation, but it’s more of a body-guarding job. I’ve got to go down for a meeting with some contacts in New Orleans, and I want to show some of X-Divisions muscles.

That would be you, dear.”

None of this is sayin’ relaxing vacation to me, Parker.” Jim complained.

You may say that, but the plan is for me to be in a load of exceptionally dull conferences with exceptionally dull people, thus leaving you to go and have fun. Whatever that is. You’ll accompany me to a couple of official dinners – where you’ll be treated as a guest.”

Jim raised an eyebrow.

So, lemme get this straight. This trip is gonna consist of me takin’ you to a conference, then enjoying myself before I have myself a nice dinner at the governments expense? I like the sound of it more and more. I’ve just got one proviso.”

I thought you might.” Parker said flatly.

Cara and Samuel are comin’ with us.”

Parker grinned.

Three werewolves for the price of one? Works for me. And after the way Samuel fought off vampires, I reckon he won’t get into any trouble – that he can’t handle.”

Jim smiled.

I suppose that settles in then. Timothy, you’re gonna be managing the fort for a while.”

The young man grinned.

Don’t I always?”

The gunslinging werewolf got to his feet, and stretched happily.

So, when do we leave?”



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