Jigsaw pieces fitting together, clickity click…

Well,  for a while there, I wasn’t really sure how Wolves Within was going to work out. It’s no secret I’ve been struggling with the story,  and even writing between calls at work its felt like it wasn’t working quite the way I wanted it to.
One of the key facets of this novella is that Jim Ashwood is put in a position where he is observing a vision of the past, and thus allowing me to tell the origin story of High Moon Risings werewolves. The original outline was very different, focussing on the original sheriff of Prospect, and how he came to be running a small town in Western America, but that never really took off.
It was all causing me a bit of grief, as and for a while in the middle I really stopped enjoying writing it, but then, something clicked, and the story just started to form into a coherent whole -both the framing elements and the past elements.
Its nearly there now. I’m at 17500 words, and my general target is 20000.
And then its the big one.


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