A small roundup.

Well,  High Moon Rising: Deep Dweller Boogie goes on sale tomorrow in all of it’s cthluhu mythos glory, but there’s a few other cool things happening as well

– The proof of Order Of Britain: Volume One will be ordered soon,  and both it and High Moon Rising: Volume Two will be going on sale in March, during my time I’m using to get Call Of Herne up to scratch.

– The Audio book of High Moon Rising: Volume One has been finalised and is on its way to Audible, iTunes and Amazon! I’m hoping to hear news its gone live soon, because Tim Halligan’s narration is awesome.

– There’s only four days left to enter my goodreads giveaway for a signed copy of Volume One! Click the link on the right to be in with a chance!

– Work on The Call of Herne is underway!  I haven’t made much progress yet, but it’s a start. I made a rare decision to deliberately lead from one book straight into the next, so the season finale follows on directly from the last Order of Britain and High Moon Rising novellas – hence the reason for a double release at the end of February!

-Buy my books. No, really,  do it.

More news soon!



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