And now I’m irritated.

I was hanging out on reddit this evening, because for some reason I like to do that to myself. Someone had pointed out a blog that that was exposing the “indie scam” of authors releasing episodic stories at the supposedly huge price of $2.99.

As you can imagine, given that this is my business model, this rather annoyed me. This was my initial response:

“I love how this guy defines this as a “scam”. As if Indy authors are somehow out to gouge every penny out of readers.

I’m currently doing my damnedest to put out a story a month. I dropped the price of my first trilogy of Novellas to 99p in order to keep the interest up, and I price the two trilogies that follow on at $2.99 each. Am I doing this as some form of scam? No, I’m trying to build this onto a career, and I feel that price adequately reflects the work I put into each story. Do you know why a lot of authors are serialising their work? Because in a modern era with modern media it is a lot harder to keep in the public eye.

On top of that, there is the fact that if you go below that $2.99 threshold, Amazon drops your royalty percentage from 70% to 35%. For a 99c book, I would need to sell approximately 300 books a month just in order to make enough money for amazon to actually pay me.

I may be taking this a little personally, but I find someone calling this a scam a damned insult.”

As I said, I may have gotten a bit irritated.  I’ve had an irritable day in general, but I am really annoyed by this idea that I’m meant to not value my work. I put a lot of mental and physical effort into my writing, and the implication that the way I’m putting my books out there is some sort of ‘scam’ properly grinds my gears.

I  trying to build my writing, day by day, into a career. I work a day job, come home, and work bloody hard at trying to do that. Being told that serial stories – which incidentally have been around since long before the advent of the eBook market – have somehow become a scam is incredibly disrespectful to those of use trying to make this work.


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