In the frame.

Right, time to catch up with things.

It’s been a rough week or so – One of our pet birds – our lovebird, Izzy – had an accident and passed away, so Bex and I have been feeling a bit upset. This has a bit of a knock-on to my writing as well, on top of which I was struggling with the opening chapters of Call of Herne.

I’ll try not to give any spoilers for the three people who’ll read the book, but the biggest sticking point is that Call of Herne follows on directly from High Moon Rising: Wolves Within and Order of Britain: Proper Shucked, which is the main reason I’m having to release both books at once.

Theres also been the issue that the two series have slightly different styles of writing, and I’ve had to find a comfortable mixture of the two for Call of Herne.

So what I’ve done, in a way to both improve the story and provide a sort of transition between each chapter for the reader is have a series of mini-stories inside the book that I’m calling interludes.

One of the principals of Call of Herne is the idea that all the mythical creatures that used to inhabit our world are now finding a way back from their exile. I haven’t really made a secret of that so it doesn’t count as a spoiler! The Main characters, both Jim and his pack and the agents of the Order are dealing with the big things, battles, monsters, chaos, that sort of shenanigans. In the interludes, I’m telling the story of a small village and it’s communities sufferings at the hands of the invaders. I’m not sure where the crossover point will be – probably when the main characters all meet up – but until that points its nice to have the palate-cleanser in between the two stories.

Theres a whole raft of changes coming to the two series post Call of Herne and I’ve also got something else planned in the meantime. It’s all good times.



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