Are you feeling lucky, (Steam)Punk?

I have a tendency to go through… phases. I started off writing purist fantasy, then went onto urban fantasy. It was never a genre I expected to find myself writing, but I’ve come to the realisation that through the historical settings and the serialised nature of the two series I can play around with a lot more elements than I expected.

Basically, I can cheat.

When I finished Call of Herne, I was going to try my hand at a steampunk/Sci-fi novel, mainly because I’ve developed a recent fascination with the genre, but then I came to the conclusion that a lot of steampunk elements would slot rather neatly into the world I’ve got planned.

Okay, when I say steampunk, I mean airships. I freaking love the things. But my point stands that this kind of writing is opening up a lot of avenues of creative freedom – a lot of which I didn’t expect. When I was writing Bard Of Dreams, the pure fantasy novel I attempted before, I spent so long trying to avoid tropes and cliches that it basically stopped the book being any fun. To be honest, by the end of it I kind of wanted to set the damn thing on fire – I certainly wasn’t going to go ahead with the planned trilogy that I’d thought about.

At this point, High Moon Rising was just a short story, but it really took on a life of its own as it went on. Since then I’ve co-opted purist fantasy, action adventure and cthulhu mythos to build the universe, so why not steampunk elements as well?

That said, steampunk isn’t really the right term for where the universe is going. It’s more magepunk. And that’s a term I really like.

I also sincerely promise that I’ll start blogging regularly again! It’s been a busy few weeks, so I’m catching up with a ton of stuff. Call of Herne is… Progressing. The plot is moving pretty slowly, but I always accounted for that. I just hope I can get the thing finished in time for my deadline – I hate shifting publishing dates, especially since it’d be my own damn fault!


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