A little time makes all the difference…

One of the curious things about being a UK based writer operating with no marketing budget is having to deal with the time difference between the UK and the US.

As much as I love getting sales in Europe, I remain very aware of the fact that any kindle writer’s primary market is going to be America, and I also remain aware that without a marketing manager or budget the tools at my disposal to market my books are very limited.

Primarily, I’ve chosen to focus my efforts on twitter, and that brings its own set of fun tools. Twitter does have a great analytics toolset, but you need to have an advertising account in order to schedule tweets, which necessitates posting them manually. I’ve tried to settle down to a couple of tweets a night, mainly focussing on the urban fantasy hashtag.

Usually the goal is to send a couple of tweets between eight and ten at night, and this usually picks up a couple of retweets from folks in the same line of writing, but often have bigger audiences.

The returns from twitter are… Limited. Because twitter moves quite quickly, click through rates tend to be a lot lower than other promotional options. The upside,  though, is that its free. I’ve been guilty of overstepping the line between promoting and spamming before but I’m trying to reign it in now!

My other main promotion tool is reddit, specifically the r/fantasy subreddit. Self promotion is a little bit frowned upon, but there are opportunities, mainly the self promotion threads every couple of weeks, but you can also make threads for specific offers and promotions without too much trouble.

Reddit does have better returns, but because self promotion is so discouraged its a bit of a minefield.

I… Don’t really have much more to say on the subject, if I’m honest. Its one of those things that I’m trying to learn as I go along, but as an indie author it’s a terrifying skill I have to learn.


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