Feeling oh so urban.

Writing on Call of Herne is going pretty well. I’ve met my target of being over 20k words for February, and while I probably could have got a bit more done, after the month I’ve had its not so bad, really.

Right, now that the standard update is out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about Urban Fantasy.

someone on reddit once described urban fantasy to me as “sexy vampire hunters hunting sexy vampires – with sex!”

At the time I laughed it off, but ever since Amazon started parsing my stories into the urban fantasy sections I’ve been paying a bit more attention, and I have to admit that, for a lot of the stuff on there, the anonymous redditor wasn’t wrong. There is a hell of a lot of vampire-shagging fantasy out there.

Now, I’m nor going to bitch about Twilight here. Whilst I can’t stand the books myself, I actually have a lot of respect for the fact that it was massively successful, and the knock on effect for the urban fantasy genre has actually been very positive. But like Harry Potter before it and Fifty shades since, the problem is that a lot of similar stories pop up on Amazon afterwards. Over on Kboards there are a (slightly cynical) group of writers who will write stories that fall into the “similar but not quite” mould, because they know it will make them money.

I have to admit, I find that a little frustrating on the basis that it causes genre flooding, but hey, its their gig.

As you may have seen on this blog, I’m trying to write stories that are a bit different from the classic type. I’m not going to start posting bullshit about how I’m going to “reclaim urban fantasy” or something like that, because I’m really not. I am, however, trying to carve out a little niche. Think of my stories as a solitary raisin in the apple pie of urban fantasy.

I’ve always maintained that I don’t take fantasy very seriously, even as I write it – it’s hard to be too serious about a story you write that has a werewolf punching a dragon in the face – but I do like to hark back to a time when vampires didn’t sparkle and werewolves liked to eat people on occasion.

Maybe, at some point in the near future, urban fantasy fans will prefer a werewolf who doesn’t whine, and they’ll stumble across my books.

Stranger things have happened.


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