The sales cycle…

1) publish new book.

2) watch the first couple of sales – usually family and friends.

3) watch the bugger you’re pretty sure is pirating your book do his thing.

4)  watch the sales figures.

5) GOTO 4.

6) GOTO 4.

7) realise all your sales and pagereads have completely dropped off.

8) panic.

9) GOTO 4. Again.

10) desperately promote book at every avenue that won’t get you banned from reddit or forums.

11) GOTO 4. Yet again.

12)  drop price to see if it encourages sales.

13) if end of month, GOTO 1.

I’m trying to look at the amusing side. It helps. Sometimes.

I’ll post something a bit more constructive tomorrow, but I hope this used you today!



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