Ben go sleep now…

Well, the plan today was to smash through the 30k barrier on Call of Herne, but, as you may be able to gather, that didn’t happen.

My writing patterns have been a bit sketchy lately, partially due to the continual revising and reworking of my original plans for the book, and partly because my sleep schedule has been a bit off.

Normally, my dreams have been a source of inspirations for stories, but recently I’ve been having more dreams that feel intensely personal. The main baddie of the defenders of the void universe came from a dream, and lots of concepts have come from stuff I’ve remembered from sleep.

But recently, I’ve been having dreams that are more disturbing than anything else, and it’s proper screwing with my had and robbing me of energy.

During the novellas phase of this season of books, I was averaging 1500 words per day, at the moment I’m struggling till hit 1000 some days. I don’t feel that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I did underestimate just how much extra work would be involved to tie my two series together. You’ll notice on the “publication schedule” page that call of Herne now has a release date of ‘2016’, rather than a specific month.

It’ll get there. I’m just not sure when.


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