A self imposed absence…

One thing I always have to tell myself, and I’m sure a lot of other writers do to, is that its okay to take the occasional break. 

I mean, I’m a pretty consistent writer. I generally get my thousand words a day done, but it does start to wear you down after a while. If I was doing this full time, it’d be easier of course, but I’m currently not. I work in a call centre for a big part of the day, and that means my writing is confined to the late afternoon. Since that basically extends my working  day to later times, so my brain – such as it is – starts to get a little fuzzy as the evening wears on.

This little rant is a reminder to all writers  to take some time out occasionally. It doesn’t hurt near as much as creative burnout.

That’s my rant over with. Here’s a picture of my pet cockatiel.


Because I can.


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