Dear Ben, We need to talk.

Dear Ben.

Its not been going great recently, has it. You had a load of big plans for the bank holiday weekend to start blitzing the final part of Call of Herne, but then stuff happened. Stuff that you can’t really put in a blog, but stuff that affected you more than you cared to admit.

So you didn’t write. Your tablet sat turned off on the desk whilst you tried to get your head together.

But you didn’t, really, so the weekend passed by not with a bang, but with a whimper.

And you’ve been feeling at a loose end, haven’t you? You’ve been feeling that no matter how you try, it isn’t really working. All the momentum you built up from writing all the previous novellas has dripped away until you feel you’re at a dead stop, just pushing at a brick wall trying to move forward.

But you know what, Ben? You’ve got this. Its a new month, and you’re coming up to the first anniversary of your first real step on your journey towards being a professional writer. You’re barely out of the blocks, dude. You’ve got plenty of stories still to tell, and in the back of your mind all those ideas are still ticking away, crystallising and forming.

Its June now. That’s thirty days. You can easily write a thousand words a day, you know you can. You’re going to do that, Ben, you’re going to finish Call of Herne and get it done in time to finalise that first year, because you are damned if you’re going to be beaten by your own stupid brain. Thirty days, Ben. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.


Other Ben (the one who gives your arse a sound kicking when it needs it.)

PS. Sort out your tax assessment. It won’t do itself, you daft git.


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