Pacing back and forth…

Momentum can be a funny things. Sometimes it can feel like you’re rolling along like you’re on greased rails, but other times it can be like trying to push a boulder uphill.

This month, so far, has seen its share of both. I’ve pretty much stuck to my thousand word average a day, although I did take a day off last Saturday where I simply didn’t have the energy to write. finally though, I can say I’m onto the final stretch of call of Herne.

I know, I’ve been saying that for a while, but this time its for real. I’m literally finishing the penultimate chapter tomorrow, and then its the final blitz towards the finish.

Not bad for a book that was meant to be released last month, eh?

Incidentally, if you like my blog, and want to support my work, check out my Amazon author page. All of my novellas have currently been knocked down to less than a dollar and all support is greatly appreciated

Onwards unto dawn!


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