I have a cunning plan, milord…


Here’s where we stand.

The book is very nearly finished. With a bit of luck, in fact, I should have the sodding thing done this week. I broached the 90k mark this evening, and I expect to wrap it up around the 100k mark.

Then comes the fiddly bit. My proofreader and editor – aka my mum – is in her busy time of year for work. On top of that,  my highly professional cover designer – aka my wife – has got to get covers done for both the year one collection and Call of Herne itself. I don’t want to rush either of these things, so ideally I want to get the books launched around the end of July to sync up with the end of the first year of doing all this.
Then I’m going to try my hand at something else. I’m not sure what yet, but hopefully it will be fun.



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