“Its the nature of man to ask questions.” – Belgarath the Sorceror

So, after probably the longest time I’ve spent working on a single books since I started doing this consistently, I am FINALLY finishing writing Call of Herne today. It’s been a long road, and not always an enjoyable one, but now, its nearly done. I’m just writing the standard “Wrapping up” bits at the end.

My main problem is, what do I do next? You see, I’ve got a few concepts I’ve written down in my notebook, but I’ve only really got time to write one before I start on season two of Out of the Void.

So, because I’m Lazy, I’m going to put it up as a poll, and see what people fancy the most:

The Delta Children:

A group of genetically modified children escape from the holding laboratory where they have been kept. Endowed with terrifying powers, the group must find a way to survive whilst being hunted by government agents, in a country that fears the implications of their very existence.

Sky Trenches:

1920: The war has waged on, and through the actions of both the British and German armies, France has been reduced to a desolate wasteland, covered in pockets of deadly gas. The war is now fought from massive ‘Trenches’ – huge Airships hovering above the ruined countryside. Richard, a young engineer, and Agnes, the daughter of a German General, are thrown together on an adventure as a final attempt at peace negotiations goes horribly wrong.

The Damned Beneath:

After witnessing a strange man slaying a demon, Carrie is drawn into a world wehre the dead of the city are policed by the living – beneath the veneer of civilisation, Demons, Zombies and other nasties are kept in checked by the Damned division, a group of police officers charged with keeping the peace between the living and the dead in this urban fantasy!


So, there are the choices. all of the ideas are at various stages of genesis, but given my writing style and method, that isn’ta major factor.



    1. That seems to be the consensus thus far – which has actually surprised me a little bit. I expected people to lean more towards “damned beneath” if I’m honest.


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