The votes are in… 

Well, my poll closed earlier today, and it was, frankly, a landslide victory for The Delta Children. 

And not that it was obvious beforehand who was going to win or anything, but I started writing the book yesterday when it still had 82% of the votes. 

I will concede, it wasn’t the result in was expecting. Of the three concepts in the poll, Delta Children was the only one that wasn’t fantasy. Thankfully, its also the most developed concept of the three, so that has actually worked out quite well for me. The Damned Beneath was the most recent one, and was still a very nebulous idea, whereas Sky Trenches is an interesting idea to me, but I’m not entirely sure which direction I would have taken it in. 

So, there we go. At least we can say that democracy has worked once this month. 


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