I swear to god, writing is more addictive than crack.

I was going to take a break in between my books. After I finished Call of Herne, I was going to have a quite couple of days, catch up on some of my Anime backlog, maybe play some videogames.

But no. Like some insidious creepy crawly thing, the idea of The Delta Children began to weasel its way down inside the back of my skull, itching away like the ear-bugs from Wrath of Khan. I’m 4000 words into the bloody thing.

One of the biggest parts of starting this book has been moving the action back to a modern setting. All my previous stories have been set nearly a hundred and thirty years ago, whereas The Delta Children is near future. It’s a bit of a mindset change moving from one to the other. At the moment,  most of the characters are in a very sealed environment, and I’m starting to get the story moving,

Soon though, I’ll take them into the wide world. And then things will get… fun.


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