Rambly ramble… 

Its weird being a writer sometimes. There are times when you know you’ve written something good, and you’re happy when you finish it, but you love what you’ve come up with. 

And then, as a writer, you spend ages and pages trying to recapture that feeling. 

I’m a bit like that at the moment. The Delta Children is such a massive departure from anything I’ve written before that I’m busy trying to find that place in my mind where it all works. The last time I truly had that feeling was when I was writing Order of Britain: Stone of Madness, and everything just seemed to come together to make something that just worked. 

Which wasn’t a bad feeling for a book that featured death by suicidal pigeons. 

So yeah, here I stand, trying to find that feeling again. When I say that writing is addictive, I mean it – and the withdrawal is a sod! 



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