Fatal four way.

I have, as I may have mentioned before, got a bit of a tendency to not plan ahead when it comes to my stories. It isn’t so much that I don’t plan, but beyond the initial nucleus of the idea, I tend to disregard most of the details I plan really early on, and from that point onwards improvisation takes over.

Delta Children is well and truly into that phase at this point. From a relatively small cast of characters, the stories roster is beginning to expand and adapt to fit the story. The most interesting example of this so far is a news reporter who, initially was just a throwaway characer, but had now become fairly central to the second act, by becoming a catalyst for groups of characters to link together.

There are currently three active factions in the story, and I was definitely struggling to bring them all together, and eventually it became clear to me that I’d have to expand even further and bring in a fourth player to the game. A part of me is starting to get uncomfortable with expanding the cast this much, but it’s become unavoidable. 

The only other way would be to Deus Ex the hell out of it, and whilst I’m not averse to a bit of the old Machina, it would be way to early in the story at this point.

At the moment, Delta Children is starting to straddle the line between thriller and Sci Fi, with a few horror elements thrown in for kicks. I’m also starting to plan season two of High Moon Rising / Order of Britain, so I’ve got plenty to keep me entertained!


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