Tick… tick… tick…

I think every writer has days when they don’t want to write, and those are the most difficult days you’re ever going to get. As much as you push yourself, sometimes it’s better to take the hit and leave the writing, because if your heart isn’t in it, the quality of your work will suffer.

As a writer with a day job, however, equally difficult are the days when you’re looking at the clock and thinking ‘I could be writing. I could be at home, tapping away on my keyboard, hammering out the plot of this story.’

Today, thankfully, was one of the latter. The Delta Children is finally coming into its stride, Call of Herne is edited, but is waiting for my in house artist to find the time to do the book cover, and I’ve got ideas bouncing round my skull like ping ping balls in a wind tunnel.

I like these days. When I was at Uni, I was encouraged to always carry a notebook with me, so that I could jot ideas down as and when they hit me. It’s a habit that I’ve sometimes allowed to lapse, but not in the last few years. The Nuclei of most of my stories are in there,  and I add and ditch ideas as I go along. Today I had random ideas about clockwork worlds and faery counter-terrorism units bouncing through my mind,  and it always helps to scribble away in my House Stark notebook and think of where to go next with my writing.

Admittedly, after The Delta children is done, I’m going to have to get a start on season two of High Moon Rising and Order Of Britain before I do anything else, but it’s nice to have some other toys in the attic.


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