The Midfield Conundrum.

No, this is not, as the title may suggest, a blog about how Manchester United could sort its problems out. Firstly, This isn’t a sports blog, and secondly, I’m more of a rugby man.

No, this is about the fact that I’m starting to get a bit… well, bored of The Delta Children. I’m 38k words into the bloody thing, and I’m struggling a bit. This is my first foray into Action/Sci-Fi, and at the moment a lot of my characters are standing around doing not very much at all other than setting the scene.

It’s the bit all writers get a bit bored of, I suppose. It’s like sitting in the cinema, watching the film roll, when you were the one who filmed it. You know what’s coming, and you know the good bits are coming up but you’ve got to get through the bits where all the characters are talking to each other first.

Ultimately, I have a month and a half to finish this book before my self-imposed deadline. It’s plenty of time. I’ve just been toying with another concept in my head and it’s really grabbed my imagination.

I’m actually tempted to put back the second season of High Moon Rising/Order of Britain in order to write it. But we shall see.



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